He goes outside the boundaries
and goes above and beyond
what I’ve asked him to do.

Ray Jarrell – Owner, Creative Director
Jarrell Entertainment - NYC

...he can really tailor what he does for us and make it unique.

Shaun Osher – Founder and CEO

He brings out the best in me creatively and then it just makes the best product.

Adam Reist – Co-founder
Creative Director
Coastline Pictures - NY

The quality, timing and ease of working with Sam Huss makes for an exceptional experience.

Jane Gol – President
Continental Ventures - NYC


I am an independent contractor specializing in the design and development of web and mobile technologies, search engine optimization strategies, email marketing and on-going maintenance. I work closely with my clients to understand their businesses, creating custom-built solutions that are tailored to their needs. I combine my knowledge and experience of the latest development techniques with my ability to make a technical process transparent, straightforward and easy.

Sam Huss Consulting was founded in 2009. I work directly with companies as well with art directors and digital, advertising and creative agencies.

I would be happy to speak with you about your project. I look forward to the opportunity to learn about your business and how I can put my expertise to work for you.
  • I first and foremost trust his input when I may have my own thought on how something might go. But if Sam says no it should go this way then I listen to why and invariably I say yes, ok.

    Tom Postilio – Cabaret Singer

  • You're the best! Your dedication, commitment and hard work amazes me. I can't tell you how happy I am to work with you!

    Kim McKimmon – Owner, Bowe Creative Group

  • ...thanks so much for all your help through this rebranding process – you are a S*T*A*R!!!!

    Elizabeth Kosich – Chief Marketing Officer, CORE

  • I mean this is New York we don't have time to wait, we don't have two weeks to get things done, we have to get things done immediately and Sam can do that and do it without a problem.

    Brittley Wise – Chief Operating Officer, CORE

  • He goes outside the boundaries and goes above and beyond what I've asked him to do.

    Ray Jarrell – Owner, Creative Director, Jarrell Entertainment

  • No two companies are created the same way and no two company's needs are the same. I feel that Sam really understands our culture and who we are as a company and in so doing he can really tailor what he does for us and make it unique.

    Shaun Osher – Founder and CEO, CORE

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