Email Marketing

I begin by developing a strategy based on your business goals, target demographics and the information you wish to convey. I learn about your business and review existing email marketing analytics and audience demographics. Based on the needs of your business, I choose an Email Service Provider (ESP) to be used for all email marketing efforts.

Once a strategy is developed and approved, I integrate brand, colors and copy into a tailored layout that best communicates your message to your potential clients. Once the email marketing template design is finalized, I program and test the template on various email clients on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Email marketing services:
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Account Services
  • Email Marketing Template Design
  • Email Marketing Template Development and Testing
I mean this is New York we don't have time to wait, we don't have two weeks to get things done, we have to get things done immediately and Sam can do that and do it without a problem.

Brittley Wise – Chief Operating Officer, CORE, New York, NY

He goes outside the boundaries and goes above and beyond what I've asked him to do.

Ray Jarrell – Owner, Creative Director, Jarrell Entertainment, New York, NY