Tom Postilio - Performance at Feinstein's

Tom Postilio

"This Time Around" Promotion

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Prior to getting involved in real estate, Postilio began his career as a singer of the Great American Songbook and traveled internationally with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. He traveled with the group for one year, playing in venues in Europe, Asia and the United States. He received a MAC Award for Outstanding New York Debut as well as the Backstage Bistro Award for Outstanding Vocalist. Postilio sang in the Oak Room at New York's Algonquin Hotel and was noted for his Frank Sinatra singing style, with the New York Times stating "his carefully syncopated phrasing and exuberance suggest a softened echo of the late-50's Sinatra in his swinging mode." He released two albums in the 1990s (What Matters Most (Elba, 1993) & Dream (DRG, 1998)). Upon seeing his performance in 1998, Regis Philbin stated on ABC TV’s Regis & Kathie Lee, “he looks and sounds like a young Sinatra.“ His acclaim as a Sinatra-style singer led to his starring role in the Off-Broadway musical, Our Sinatra. He has appeared on The Today Show, PBS Great Performances, Showbiz Tonight, and BBC News. Postilio returned to the nightclub stage in 2011 with his show This Time Around, performed at Feinstein's at Loews Regency in New York.

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Tom Postilio – Cabaret Singer, New York, NY